スターウォーズの最新作「The Force Awakens」を見て感じた事。

Luke Skywalker tries to restore the Jedi Order while Leia and Han Solo work with the New Republic against the “First Order” and a new potential threat.


Review on Star Wars 7

Creating a movie for both old and new audiences must be a tough thing to pull off.  Actually it was attempted once before some 16 years ago, and “The Phantom Menace” failed incredibly.
Do I like this movie “The Force Awakens”? My answer is “yes.”
When I watched it, I was seeing it with the anticipation and anxiety of a lifelong fan, with the memory of watching “Return of the Jedi” for the first time at the theater.
I am sure that the original trilogy means so much to people who grew up with it.
And this is how they played the role for us:
Then this is exactly how this new movie can play that role for a new generation:
It goes something like this;
・you are just a boy
・suddenly transferred to a galaxy
・meeting an ambitious boy
・introduced to a mentor
・travelling with robots
・fighting against bad guys with helmets
・and unknown creatures and spaceships
That is the Star Wars we fell in love with in 1977.
“The Force Awakens” is not just a vehicle for nostalgia, and it sure does get the force going forward.

新旧両方のファンを引き付ける映画を創るのは並み大抵のことではない。16年ぐらい前に一度試みられたことがあった。スターウォーズThe Phantom Menaceだが、大きな失敗に終わった。
わたしが、この映画「The Force Awakens」が好きかと聞かれれば、答えは「ハイ」である。
はじめて映画館でスターウォーズ4を見た時の記憶とともに、長年のファンとしての期待と不安で「The Force Awaken」を見ていたのだ。

The Force Awakensは、単なる懐かしさを運ぶ映画ではない、まちがいなくフォースをつぎの世代を運んでいくものだ。